Feb. 3 Double Replacement, Combustion, Neutralization

Today's class was going over the double replacement sheet.  For those who forget what a double replacement reaction is, it is pretty much self explanatory.  It is when When two elements switch places in a chemical reaction.  An example would be: NaSOU4+PoBNF2=>PoBOU4+NaSNF2
In this reaction, the NaS and the PoB switched places.
It can be viewed as:  reactant+compound+Reactant+compund=Product Compound+Product Compound

We can predict whether a specific single replacement will work. In order to do this, we can use the activity series.  This is an table that shoes the order of reactivity of metals and non-metals. Anything higher up the series can replace an ion below it on the table.

A combustion reaction is where burning in the air is involved.  The oxygen atoms usually end up combined with more than one type of atom as products.  The formula for combustion is: AB + 02 => AO + BO
An example would be: C4H8 + 6O2 -> 4CO2 + 4H20

Neutralization is when a special double replacement reaction where acids react with bases to produce water and an ionic salt as products. The formula for neutralization would be: HA + BOH -> H2O + BA
An example would be 2HBr + Sr(OH)2 -> SrBr2 + 2H2O

Here is a video demonstrating double replacement reactions:

Here is a video demonstrating combustion reactions:

Here is a video demonstrating neutralization reactions:

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