Diluting Solutions to Prepare Workable Solutions

-Diluted solution = more water
-key idea is that the moles of solute is constant (ie the only difference is that there is more water in the less concentrated formula)

Formula: M1L1= M2L2

Eg. I have: 2.0 L of 16.0 M HCI and I need: 0.800 L of 2.00 M NCI

Do I need to use all of the 16.0 M HCI? No!!
remember: M1L1 = M2L2
16.0 M x L1 = 2.00 M x 0.800 L
16.0 M x L1 = 16.0 moles NCI
L1 = 0.100 L or 1.00 x 10^2 mL

Concentrated HCI is 11.6 mole/L.  How would you make up 250 mL of 0.500 mole/L HCI?

        moles               = 0.125 mol HCI  =  1.08 x 10^-2 L
molar concentration     11.6 mol/L HCI

Here is a video of making a 6.2 mL of a 6.0M solution of KOH diluted to 50.0 mL.

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