Scientific Notation Review / Unitary Rates

Scientific Notation Review
Scientific Notation is used to express very large or very small numbers by using the powers of 10
For Example say that we want to express a in scientific notation.
A) 3210000 
First we look at the number and check the important numbers needed then we bring the decimal to the left
Now remember how many spaces we moved to the left (6 times)  and then remove the zeros
Now we times it by 10 to the power of 6
3.21 X 106                
and now your done =) (Still don't understand it? then check out thie video

Unitary Rates
Example:        If        1m     =    100 cm           
                                1m2     =    10000 cm                (100 X 100)
                                1m3     =    1000000 cm            (100 X 100 X 100)
Remember that when you square or cube the units, you also square the powers.

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